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WUD 成立于2010年,源于探索,记录和保护中国水下洞穴的想法。我们探索鲜为人知的水下封闭空间,包括中国广西,广东和云南等地的水下洞穴。 同时我们也在中国的淡水湖进行深潜探索, 倡导水源保护,记录水下古迹及动植物。

WUD was founded in 2010, emerged from a shared passion to explore, document and conserve the numerous caves around the China. We are dedicated to explore challenging caves in GuangXi,Guangdong and Yunnan provinces which are seldom visited before.We are also engaged in deep exploration of the China fresh water lakes.We promote the awareness of the water protection.We collect and record the underwater historic sites and creatures.

 WUD历史 /History

2008年  开始在中国进行洞穴潜水探索

2010年  由技术潜水员王涛,王远等人创立WUD

2010年  开始进行洞穴及深潜训练

2011年  开始进行沉船潜水训练

2013年  开始进行休闲潜水训练

2013年  开始参与潜爱大鹏珊瑚普查活动

2014年  创建广西喀斯特测绘项目(GXKSP)

2015年  创建菲律宾喀斯特测绘项目(PHKSP)

2016年  创建中国淡水湖深潜探索项目(CFLEP)

2008    Started cave diving exploration

2010   WUD was founded by Wang Tao and Wang Yuan

2010   Started to organize cave and deep dive training

2011   Started to organize wreck dive training

2013   Started to organize recreational dive training

2013   Started to join the coral survey project

2014   Guangxi Karst Survey Project was founded by WUD divers

2015   Philippines Karst Survey Project was founded by WUD divers

2016   China Freshwater Lake Exploration Project was founded by WUD divers

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